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Mascular system

Human musculature, the muscles of the soma that employment the system, that area unit beneath voluntary management, which area unit involved with movement, posture, and balance.

Cardiac muscle makes up the mass of the guts and is answerable for the rhythmical  contractions of that important pumping organ; it too is beneath involuntary management. With only a few exceptions, the arrangement of sleek muscle and heart muscle in humans is a twin of the arrangement found in different vertebrate animals.

this artical give a basic framework for the understanding of gross human muscular anatomy, with descriptions of the big muscle teams and their actions. the assorted muscle teams add a coordinated fashion to manage the movements of the soma.

Neck flexion refers to the motion accustomed bit the chin to the chest. it's accomplished primarily by the musculus sternocleidomastoideus muscles, with help from the longus colli and also the longus capitis, that area unit found within the front of the neck.

Muscles area unit typically related to activities of the legs, arms and different appendages, however muscles additionally manufacture a lot of refined movements, adore facial expressions, eye movements and respiration, consistent with the National Institutes of Health .

Visceral, or smooth, muscle is found within organs adore the abdomen and intestines, further as in blood vessels. it's known as a sleek muscle as a result of, in contrast to muscle, it doesn't have the banded look of skeletal or heart muscle. The weakest of all muscle tissues, visceral muscles contract to maneuver substances through the organ, consistent with The Merck Manual. as a result of visceral muscle is controlled by the unconscious a part of the brain, it's referred to as musculus, because it can't be controlled by the aware mind.

The muscular system consists of specialised cells known as muscle fibers. Their predominant perform is contractibility. Muscles, hooked up to bones or internal organs and blood vessels, area unit answerable for movement
Skeletal muscles additionally manufacture a lot of refined movements that end in varied facial expressions, eye movements, and respiration.

to do movement, the  contraction of muscle additionally fulfills another function within the body, adore posture, joint stability.... Posture, adore sitting and standing, is maintained as a results of muscular contraction.

skeletal muscles area unit voluntary, that means you'll management them consciously. sleek and internal organ muscles do.
The involuntary internal organ and sleek muscles facilitate your heart beat and blood flow through your body by manufacturing electrical impulses. The heart muscle (myocardium) is found within the walls of the guts.


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